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Campfires and Co-Creation

A transformational program for outsiders, renegades, and leaders

In the chaos of mid-life and a world that seems to have turned upside down, you sense an opportunity for personal growth, but you don’t have anyone to explore that with.

You wonder what it would be like to sit with other men to reconsider the firmly rooted gender roles in Japan and the expectations that go along with them, a place that is both safe and brave.


You get excited by outdoor adventures playing a bigger part in your life.

Welcome to our campfire.

Welcome to Adventure Integrated Coaching, where we combine the deep work of group and individual coaching with outdoor adventures.

This unique program is designed for you if you are:

■ A Japanese man who has made ‘renegade’ choices against cultural norms and wants to find more of your tribe.

■ A ‘gaijin’ man, who chooses life in Japan, and yearns to feel more at home here.

■ A male leader called to creating more leaders, not more followers.

Core themes and outcomes:

■ ‘Outsidership’:some of us make choices that make us feel like outsiders, even among our own people. You’ll look at the integrity of your choices, and how to ‘come home’ to who you really are.

■ Being: You’ll consider your way of being in the world and commit to what serves you to change, and to what to embrace more fully.

■ Leadership:Formally or informally, we can all be leaders in our lives. You’ll discover what that means, and how to co-create leadership in others.

■ Community:Your fellow explorers come from all walks of life, and will end up being important connections long after the program finishes.


Program I:Creating the Fire Pit

Leveraging facilitated activities and discussion, and the wisdom of your fellow leaders, you’ll gain insight that results in taking action to get more of what you want in your life - and less of what you don’t want.

A standalone program and a prerequisite for attending Program II.

Program II:Kindling the Fire

You step further out of your comfort zone. You talk more about what you want. We harness the power of challenging outdoor environments for adventure as a group in beautiful Minakami, Gunma. You go on your own solo adventure. Individual online coaching supports learning and accountability throughout the journey.

Program  I

8 weeks

Online, theme-based group coaching

​One campfire gathering in Minakami

16 participants

Program II

6 months

2 group adventures
1solo adventure
Bi-weekly individual
online coaching

8 participants

Group Adventure 1

Commitment - We gather in the tranquility of winter, to commit to ourselves, to each other, and to the process.

Snow glamping, snowshoeing, gathering resources for supporting ourselves and each other in a harsh winter environment.

Solo Adventure.

Space - In the new growth of spring, you get a rare chance to create space for yourself, and for a solo exploration in nature. You will have the guidance and support required.

Hiking, basic camping equipment training, solo overnight.

Group Adventure 2

Community - In the lushness of early summer, we have a final gathering to agree on how we co-create a future community.

Spring glamping, ridgeline hiking, outdoor team challenges and community building activities.


Commitment and Investment

Program I:two hours weekly for eight weeks, one overnight in Minakami: ¥80,000; max 16 participants

Program II:two separate overnight stays in Minakami, one overnight solo adventure, bi-weekly one hour coaching sessions, spread over six months: ¥750,000; max 8 participants

If you commit to Program I and Program II by October 1, 2021 receive a 20% discount on the total price (¥664,000 instead of ¥830,000)

 Your Coach and Adventure Partner, 

Cory McGowan

From hiking in the hills when I was barely big enough to carry a pack, to months long solo sea kayaking expeditions, to the adventures of being a professional, a husband and father, and an executive coach, my life has somehow always been leading me to this work. I'm committed to creating and holding a powerful container for you in a way that is unlike anything you have ever experienced. 


We'd love to keep you in the loop!

I really appreciate your interest, and look forward to being in touch!

All pictures below are of the actual program venue in

Minakami, Doai Village

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