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American by birth, decades in Japan, global citizen, 
Certified and Experienced Professional Coach.

About Cory,M

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Founder & 
Head Coach

Working with a coach is like having access to a second brain, but one that specializes in helping you to shift perspectives by asking questions that inspire and by encouraging you to take bold actions. 

Coaching Experience

I’ve worked with a broad range of clients: internal middle management and executives, heads of NPOs, mid-career and transition, and young entrepreneurs. My varied professional experience means I am comfortable coaching in a range of industries, and I know that my expertise in coaching means I don’t need to be an expert in your business. 

Coaching Approach

I start by meeting people where they are. I understand that the challenges my clients face may be challenges that I face as well, and that I don’t have to have everything figured out to help. I use intelligence (of mind and heart), mindfulness and observational skills to evoke professional alignment and personal transformation. 

Coaching Qualifications

  • Formally trained executive coach

  • ICF certified ACC professional coach

  • Neuroscience of Change Certification

  • Global DISC™ Practitioner (one of only two in Japan)

Why I coach

My father spent most of his career in leadership and organizational development. Growing up around that, I had no idea what that even meant, but he sure seemed to get a lot of meaning out of it, and had a lot of fun doing it. 

After being the high achieving and rule obeying son and student for the first 18 years of my life, I started to explore what it meant to get away from that, and spent close to a decade getting away from the small town I grew up in to find out what was true for me. This mainly meant travel and adventures, and doing some things that were probably riskier than they needed to be. 

Little did I know that what was supposed to be an adventure for a few months in Japan would be the start of my professional career, and the discovery of a place that felt like home on the other side of the planet from where I grew up. 

Achieving great results in my work meant I was quickly thrown into management positions, without really knowing what it meant to manage people, relationships, teams, business results. This piqued my interest in the work my father had been doing, and so I started to focus on people, leader and organization development in my own work. 

I’ll never forget the first day I had in training as an executive coach - the work resonated with me in a way far beyond anything I had done before. It was like the purpose of all of my previous experience, professionally and otherwise, had been leading to this work. I get to bring my sense of adventure to every engagement I have with clients. 

I define adventure as being at my edge. Let’s explore your edge - the edge of your comfort zone, the edge of your skills and abilities, the edge of your understanding, so you can build the bold future you want for yourself. 

Founding Partner, Miho McGowan

Every organization has someone in the background that deserves as much credit for its founding as the founder him/herself. 

Miho is that person at Adventure Partner. She’s shy, so you may never get to meet her or even see her picture, but she is there, helping the magic to happen. 

A Coach Who Has A Coach

A Coach Who Has A Coach

There are many options for finding a coach, and those options keep increasing every day. Overall, that is a good thing, and a testament to the value that this profession is providing to people around the world. 

I would like to argue that one of the key things you should look for in a coach is whether that coach has a coach. Coaches who receive (and pay for) coaching understand that it is critical to their own development, and to being able to truly relate to the experience of being a client. 

My first experience with transformational coaching was in 2020 when my coach at the time, Carolina, helped me to navigate what was a challenging year for everyone, but for me included losing my job and almost losing my life to a bear. Through my work with Carolina, I ended up feeling like I came out on top at the end of 2020 and more resilient for whatever the future holds. 

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We are excited to offer the

Following Services.

If you are looking for a partner in your own leadership and transformational exploration, bring your sense of adventure and set up a time to have a conversation. 



The only transformational coaching practice in Japan that incorporates nature, the outdoors, and adventure into your personal and professional journey.


Mar 21 - Dec 19  2024


A men’s group
for men based in Japan

Our Promise.

At Adventure Partner, we are committed to meeting you where you are. 
We understand that adventure means different things for different people, and we want to help you discover what it means for you. We do this through careful needs assessments discussions before deciding to work together, and if we are not the right fit for you, we’ll try to refer you to someone that is.


Living the 
good life

Japan is a great place for adventures, and we’d love to share one of the best spots in the country for it. Whether it’s weekends away or a full relocation, we can help.


Adventure Journal.

Adventure Journal.

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