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Change is inevitable, 
transformation is intentional.


Working with a coach is inherently adventurous. 
Most people that work with a coach go into it with certain intended outcomes, but find that it ends up being an exploration with outcomes that are well beyond their original expectations. 

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Key Aspects of the work 


Purpose / Change / Drive

Your bold future


Slowing Down

The pace of our lives and our work seem to be speeding up exponentially. We’ll work on ways for you to get back to the pace that feels right to you through different mindfulness and presencing activities so you can make the space for what’s most important. 


Letting Go

When we feel the stress of increasing uncertainty, it is tempting, and quite natural, to hold onto what has worked in the past. Letting go of the old ways to make changes and build new habits that are more effective requires trust and courage. Our work will focus on clarifying the bold future you want for yourself to inspire that trust and courage. 


Mind to Heart

In a world of growing complexity, the intellectually focused strategies that have worked until now are no longer effective. Neuroscience is showing us increasing evidence that ‘our body is our brain’, and we need to tap into our full embodied knowing to meet the challenges in our lives. We’ll used evidence based techniques to build your ability to do that. 



We are in a climate crisis. Coaching is future focused, and no matter what outcome you are looking for from coaching, any discussion about the future must include our relationship to our planet and what each of us will do to make a difference. We’ll explore what this means for you and what you want to do about it. 

Key Aspects of the work 

How Coaching works.


Coaching packages are based on your needs, but this is the basic process. 

Four steps to your bold future


Starting a

Coaching Partnership


Renegade Coaching

I have over 20 years working in companies in Japan, with more than half of those at the management level. The term Renegade coaching is about my never quite fitting into the corporate environment, and wanting to work with clients who aren’t afraid to break norms in their organizations. Let's embrace our inner renegades!

I can support with a variety of topics, including but not limited to:

  • 360 Leadership Assessments

  • Global DISC™ Cultural Intelligence Assessment

  • Well being and performance

  • Career / Role Transition

  • Multicultural Team Management

  • Job Crafting

  • Effective Communication


Adventure Integrated Coaching

Adventure Integrated Coaching (AIC) is a term I coined to define using adventure and the outdoors to guide the coaching experience. Whether it’s supporting you as you daydream about, design, plan, execute, and integrate your own personal/team adventure, or working with my partners to offer you a curated adventure experience in Minakami, I can help ensure you have the experience of a lifetime. 



 I can’t wait to start

our partnership!!

We’ll start with a 50 minute discovery session. I want to hear what you hope to get out of working together, and I want you to be sure I am going to be the right adventure partner for you. 

Most coaching engagements are six months long, normally starting with weekly one hour sessions to strengthen the relationship and build trust, then less frequent based on your needs. 

Every engagement starts with a contract to clarify expectations on both sides. You’ll also decide on and commit to some goals for the engagement, knowing that they may change as we get into the ‘questions behind the questions’. 

What’s covered in each session is up to you and your needs, but I’ll provide guidance, hints, and challenges as needed. We’ll go deep, perhaps experience some discomfort, but come out the other side being stronger for the adventure we embarked on!


Fees for coaching vary depending on the scope of the engagement, but generally start at $5000 USD (¥500,000 JPY) for a six month engagement. 

Sessions are done online or by phone, and will continue to be until the situation with COVID-19 has stabilized and vaccines have been widely distributed in Japan. 

I work with and welcome clients from around the globe, as long as we can make our schedules work based on time zones.

Taking your first step

Coaching Events. 

Global DISC™ Cultural Intelligence Assessment

¥35,000~ / 90 min

Global DISC™ is an ICF accredited, multi award-winning behavioural model explaining how personality type AND cultural background influence all 3 layers of our identity, what, how and why we do, act, feel and think the way we do. 

It makes the topic of cultural intelligence practical and uncomplicated to unlock individual and group potential at home and work as well. 

The coaching debrief along with the assessment will help you turn your results into powerful insight and

guidance for action. 

Global DISC transparent background.png
Coaching Events 

Complimentary Adventurous Coaching Conversation

Free  / 90min 

A chance to try Cory's coaching for free. No commitment. No sales talk. I won't initiate any discussion about contracting for a full coaching engagement. If you initiate that conversation based on your experience of the coaching, we'll set up another time to do that. This is your time.
Limited time offer, and limited to one session per person.

Discovery Session

Free  / 50min 

Before we can decide if we will be adventure partners in creating your bold future, need to learn more about each other. Our first session will be the opportunity to do that. This is a high quality coaching session, and you’ll get a clear understanding of what our work together will look like and what you will be able to achieve if we decide to proceed.


Living the 
good life

Japan is a great place for adventures, and we’d love to share one of the best spots in the country for it. Whether it’s weekends away or a full relocation, we can help.


Adventure Journal.

Adventure Journal.


Mar 21 - Dec 19  2024


A men’s group
for men based in Japan

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