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You’ve never heard of 

Good. It’s one of Japan’s best kept secrets as a destination for outdoor play, community, and a natural lifestyle within commutable distance to Tokyo. When someone you know mentions that they are considering moving to a rural area outside Tokyo, tell them all the great things you’ve heard about Hakuba or Karuizawa.Then, when they’re not paying attention, quietly  come up to Minakami and we’ll have some real fun.



Only 66min from TOKYO


66 minutes 
outside of Tokyo

Minakami, in Gunma prefecture is one of the best places in Japan to meet the needs of changing life and work styles that have come about with the impact of increased remote work and people wanting to be away from crowded cities closer to nature. 




Why our family chose Minakami

Our first ever trip to Minakami was when our kids were still in day care. It was a camping trip with some friends, a place that I had never heard of, and having the opportunity to live outside of Tokyo didn’t even seem close to the realm of possibility at that time, so I didn’t pay much attention. 

As luck would have it, several years later, some generous friends offered the use of their bessou (second home) in Minakami, which we took advantage of several times per year. The magic of the place started to take hold on me - an area with such wilderness and beauty, and so close to Tokyo! One morning on a run, it occurred to me that I could actually commute from Minakami to my job at that time at the Tokyo American Club. In a moment of weakness, my loving wife agreed, and then the universe seemed to conspire to make the transition work for us. 

Even though our family has only lived in Minakami for a few years, we feel very at home here, and the community has welcomed us here from day one.

Recommended Minakami Links

-  a one stop shop for all great things to do in Minakami. 

- a local space for shared and private offices and teleworking

- great mountain bike adventures for all levels. 

- a beautiful space for company retreats and events

 - Great adventures and guiding all year round.

- one of the most foreigner friendly directories for finding unique used homes in Japan’s countryside

- Custom home builder that is building our home and has a lot of experience working with non-Japanese customers.

 - a consortium of some of the best Japanese ryokan hotels in Gunma, Niigata and Nagano

 - Minakami’s first and finest coffee roasters!

 - Japan's biggest event for outdoor adventure sports

 - NPO supporting local ventures, careers, and training.

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Adventure Partner can support you in exploring Minakami through:

Relocation concierge services

I’ve been through the process of relocating my family from Tokyo, and can make the process easier for you and your family. From first trips out to see the area through the process of integrating into the local community, I can offer support. I was also recently designated as the first official non-Japanese relocation concierge in Minakami so have strong connections with the town government.

Local tour, adventure and guiding services

There are a lot of options for places to go and for playing in the outdoors in Minakami - so many it can be confusing! I can make recommendations and assist in the planning process for your adventures.

Finding akiya or other properties and renovation

You’ll never hear about all of the options for available properties or land in rural Japan if you don’t have connections in the community. I have those connections and can help you find the spot you are looking for as well as manage the local contractors to get the work done you need.

Vacation/second home management and concierge services

Owning a second home in Minakami should be about fun, not hassle. To make sure that happens, take advantage of our customized services: property management and concierge - getting your home ready for you and your guests before every visit, or at whatever frequency meets your needs.

Minakami Free Consultation(30min)

Why not call us for quick question!!

Relocation concierge services
Local tour, adventure and guiding services
Finding akiya or other properties and renovation
Vacation/second home management and concierge services


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